At GraceLife we believe it's all about Jesus. He walked on the earth 2000 years ago but His message is as timeless and His power is as real now as then. Jesus isn't just for Christians or 'good' people. He's for those who don't feel good enough, for those who don't feel strong enough, for those who have simply come to realise that there is a God, and they aren't it. 

If you'd like to know more about Jesus or become a follower of him, we'd love to talk to you. Contact us or visit us this Sunday.


The two greatest days of your life:
1) the day you were born
2) the day you realise why you were born
When you make a decision to follow Jesus, you realise that the reason you were born was to know your Maker!
If you'd like to give your life to Jesus and follow him, or if you'd like more information, please contact us.