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Life Groups are an integral part of how we connect at GraceLife. They are clusters of people who gather fortnightly for fellowship and accountability, study and prayer, good times, and support when life gets difficult. At the heart of our Life Groups ministry is the desire to see a community of believers who worship Jesus, love one another, and embody the mission of GraceLife (to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ in authentic community).



Have you been baptised yet?!
Water Baptisms are a key part of the journey of following Jesus, as we make a public declaration of our faith in Him! If you'd like to be baptised, put your name down at one of our campuses or email us:



Why do we do courses and training at GraceLife?

Part of the responsibility of this community is to equip each one of us for the work of the ministry that God has given to us (Ephesians 4: 11-13). One way that we undertake to fulfil this is through teaching and training, using courses designed to disciple us in many vital areas of our lives.

Who are these courses for?

Everyone!! Who doesn’t need to grow in some area in 2019?

Prayerfully consider which of the following courses would help and encourage you to work with God for change, growth, healing, and maturity this year.  But also think about family, friends and workmates who may also benefit and encourage them to come.  All are welcome.

How do I get involved?

To apply for any of these courses, complete an application form, make your payment, and submit the form and receipt at reception or place it in the giving box on the wall at the Malaga or Ellenbrook campus auditorium. For payments online, please make the payment and print the receipt to attach.

Note: If the cost of any of these courses will make it difficult for you to attend, please see Alison. For any further information, contact Alison at  



The FORMING course teaches and trains an approach to Christian growth and transformation that helps us to engage with God in ways that will transform us from the inside out. If you are tired of “try harder’ approaches to personal discipleship and spiritual growth, then this is for you!  Each of the twelve sessions includes teaching and practical application/training, and is designed to expand our spiritual practice and help us develop greater intimacy with God. Come and encounter God afresh! 

The topics included are: Revisioning Christian Development; Conversational Prayer with God; Balancing Our Part and God’s Part in Spiritual Formation; Addressing Barriers; Renewing Our Minds; Ways to Engage with God; Healing our Identity; Recovering from Self-Hate; Disarming our Fears; and Integrating Human Development and Spiritual Development.

How do I get involved? Sign up here!

Cost is $50. 

Application forms are available at the back of the auditorium or in the foyer. 
For more information contact

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The Immanuel Approach (Previously called Heart to Heart) has, as its primary objective and most important priority, intimacy with God. Building on what has been taught in the Forming course regarding appreciation and connecting with God, it applies brain science and biblical principles to help people connect with the tangible, living, interactive presence of Jesus– for personal growth, emotional healing, and life and ministry effectiveness. Thousands of professionals and lay people around the world are applying the Immanuel approach to deepen intimacy with God, permanently resolve past pain, and discern God’s ongoing guidance.

Prerequisite: Forming Course Completion

Contact us for more information.

Apply through your campus information desk.


Small Group Leaders & Facilitator Training

The Small Group Leaders & Facilitator Training is a six-session course designed to develop effective small group leaders and facilitators. Through biblical teaching it offers key insights into why people struggle, and how to bring hope and help in supportive group settings.  It provides practical training in leading a group, intervention, and group dynamics.  It is a key training course for all leadership at GLC.

Contact us for more information.

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Secrets to Lasting Love

A relationship enrichment series. Do you know the “Secrets to Lasting Love”? Everyone wants great relationships but not everyone is willing to take the steps to get there. ‘Secrets to Lasting Love’ will give you practical, proven tools to start you on your journey. This video series will provide the foundation and process for moving your relationship into the deepest levels of intimacy.

Gary Smalley, best-selling marriage author and expert, along with his two sons, Dr. Greg Smalley and Michael Smalley, M.A. will present the five levels of communication and three skills to take you to the deepest level.


Five Levels of Intimate Communication; Your Personalities; Honour – the Greatest Skill for Marriage; LUV Talk - # 1 Communication Method & Relational Needs of Your Mate.

Contact us for more information.

Cost is $50 per couple. Places are limited to six couples. More details closer to the date. 

ministry Teams

Here at GraceLife we are committed to building disciples in authentic community. These are our ministries that operate during the week to facilitate growth and discipleship. To find out more, visit our I'M NEW and COMING UP page.